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wanna know more?

2013-01-24 22:12:15 by ninjagirl152

If you wanna know more about me continue to read this I suffer from depression sadly but that halps me be what I am, I love to read(fantasy , Syfy) , write (poetry and a book im writing) , sing , draw ( on paper and computer) and Im very friendly and nice just dont make me mad I have a short and fragile temper but I love to talk with people and I LOVE to listen to music. Oh and I forgot to say Im a video game fanatic !


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2013-01-27 19:16:41

besides readind and writing we have a hell of a lot in common

ninjagirl152 responds:



2013-01-29 16:59:23

im sorry that you suffer form depression thats really bad i can try to help you with that if you want it