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2013-06-23 11:29:06 by ninjagirl152

The man who walks not into his own war but someone elses is more than likely to get hit and killed than when leading his own.

"not so new"

2013-03-29 01:07:02 by ninjagirl152

Okay so im not so new anymore and I still know NOTHING of this site!!! I know it may seem like Im stupid for not knowing but im not the brightest crayon in the box so dont judge me :p. Any way ... anyone willing to help me???

wanna know more?

2013-01-24 22:12:15 by ninjagirl152

If you wanna know more about me continue to read this I suffer from depression sadly but that halps me be what I am, I love to read(fantasy , Syfy) , write (poetry and a book im writing) , sing , draw ( on paper and computer) and Im very friendly and nice just dont make me mad I have a short and fragile temper but I love to talk with people and I LOVE to listen to music. Oh and I forgot to say Im a video game fanatic !

im new

2013-01-24 16:50:07 by ninjagirl152

hey everybody, im new to this so if yall have any pointers thatd be nice thanks